Monday, 15 December 2014

So to begin with......

So to start with Hello and welcome to my blog The Readers View ,

Now this blog is mainly about books but there will be the occasional extra thing (I am going to give snippets of my stories)
Speaking of stories I am writing three so far and there will probably most likely be more, So one is
a Gypsy Pirate Story that is about four Gypsy siblings living in another world and it goes something like this, they are wrongly portrayed by there uncle well at least one to start with maybe and they need to prove there innocence and stop a grate mistake that will cause bloodshed but there is another villain that is  trying to worm his way in to power will they be able to stop him, there is no title for this book yet and I hope to make it series and publish it,

Second is a story set in world war two probably called something like The hope of Germany or something and its about a young German boy who disagrees with Hitlers ideals and finds a secret weapon that could destroy Hitler's plans and defeat him but remember not all weapons are machines or things that cause destruction.
And the third is one I've bean working on for a while that is set in our world and another with different races including the elements, changelings, elves, gnomes, and more, (not a very good description of that one sorry)
And a retelling of swan lake (haven't started that yet)
So I will hopefully be reviewing books and would love hearing your opinions so please leave a comment it makes my day and I hope you find this blog as captivating as Tolkien, as entertaining as Doctor Sues and as pleasing as your favourite author,
Hope to be posting soon so TTFN Ta Ta For Now.