Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Spiderwick Chronicles.

One of my absolute favourite series ever.
 They are absolutely fabulous, a magical combination of fay folk and the modern day world.
Jared grace is just an ordinary kid same as his twin Simon and his sister Mallory (so just your classic main characters)
But when they move to an estate that their Mum inherited from a crazy aunt, but it turns out that this place is no ware near safe after Jared discovers a field guide hidden in a trunk.
 But the odd thing is its about Fairies!
So for the Grace kids the whole world got a huge bit bigger.
  when a power wanting ogre wants the book so he can learn the secrets of the other fairies and destroy them and any one who gets in the way comes after the book the Grace kids decide the only way to save the fairies is to destroy the book they set out to find the author their uncle Spiderwick (Who should be dead) to help them destroy it after finding that it was protected with a charm.
 But finding him not as useful as they thought he might be they have to change to a different approach.
But how do three kids, a brownie, a Griffin and a hobgoblin defeat a shape shifting ogre his army of goblins and dragons?

So absolutely fantastic books I get caught by the magic of them every time I read them and watch the movie for that matter.
Generally when I try to explain it to people they go a bit skeptical when I say fairies but its not like the fairies you think.

 Jared is a bit selfish and not very close to his family but that changes as they go on this adventure together
Simon is the complete opposite to Jared, while Jared is a restless spirit Simon is perfectly content with his life, as long as he can have as many animals as he wants.
Malory is not your ideal big sister but she like the rest changes and grows closer to he family.

Any way I hope you read this series they are a magical series that leave you looking for adventure.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Titanic book three S.O.S

The titanic is sinking and the ship is in utter most terror the captain did not tell the passengers what was fully going on and the lower class are being told to stay bellow but Paddy leads a group of them up any way.
 Some people get on the under adequate amount of life boats but the rest are left to die, Juliana makes it to one but paddy Sophie and Alfie are not so lucky they all make it to a ship in the end but tragedy steps in on Alfie (worst part of the book)

This book happens while the Titanic is sinking and then after as the survivors make a new life for them selves.
 There is a twist to the ending.

Amelia Bronson= a suffragist, in every sens of that word but she is nice and cares for people like her daughter Sophie.
She is a bit stupid sometimes (suffragist don't seam to get that when a man offers his arm or offers for her to go first or wants to protect her is because he respect them and values them very high.

Thomas Andrews=  is nice and treats Paddy like a gentleman.
 He didn't think the titanic was totally indestructible.

Well this is the end of this series I hope you read them, they do not disappoint.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Titanic Book Two Collision course.

So book two of titanic by Gordon Korman.
Paddy is still on the Titanic and is still hunted by Gillhooley but this time he has three friends Alfie, Juliana and Sophie.
But Alfie and Paddy find out there is also a killer on board Jack the ripper!
 Out of action for years due to crippled legs he is on the titanic because at its destination there is someone who might be able to fix his legs.
But Sophie not believing the boys try's to make friends with the crippled man.
It didn't work he attempts to kill her but something much worse happens.

This one is also very well done, the characters are well developed and fun.
 And the bad guy is a really good bad guy.

Image result for titanic

Juliana= Is a rich daughter of an earl, but her father is in a bad position with his money, partly because he gables a lot.
Juliana finds to her dismay that he is going to marry her of to a rich american.
Never had she felt so alone.

Sophie= daughter of a suffragist mother, Sophie is kind to those below her status.

Jack the ripper= he is creepy and just plain mad but very deadly.

So yet again I suggest you read this wonderful book, I listened to the audio book.
Maybe I should do a negative review soon.