Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Belgariad book one The pawn of prophecy.

So hey its me again, sorry for not posting for a while it's been real busy around here again.
 I am trying to post every two weeks now so hopefully l will keep at it :)
The book for today is book one of the Belgaried series The pawn of prophecy
This book is unique and well written it is a bit slow to get into, it follows the story of a young boy Garion who is just a plain old normal boy on a farm with his aunt Pol living a simple life with few difficulties or misfortunes.
 That is what you see at first at least.
 When one of the most precious things in the world is stolen ( you don't know what) Garions life is turned upside down setting in motion ancient prophecies as old as time, and introducing new ideas and possibility's that Garion would never have believed if he had been told about them prior to this.
And pillars of his life come tumbling down as what was imposable is made possible as he leave with his Aunt who is not who you think and the bedraggled old story teller on a quest to retrieve what was stolen and fulfill a prophecy that he does not even know about.
 Garion on this quest is discovering who and what he is and what he is capable of.

The plot for this story though very basic is also very frustrating as questions are slow to be answered and you know just as much as Garion does about it.
It has magic (sorcery) in it in case you don't like that sort of thing, and a few references through out that are not for very young ears.
the characters are only introduced and are still growing by the end of the first book but you grow to like or hate them by the second book (Aunt Pol is my favorite.)
As this is a book with a lot of travelling in it it can be a bit repetitive if you have no patience for it.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and please tell me what you think about both the book if you read it and the post i.e what was missing problems etc.