Monday, 13 July 2015

Catching Fire Review.

After winning the last hunger games you would think things would get better for katniss everdeen right? 
Wrong winning the hunger games was just the start of yet another nightmare for her.
and this new nightmare started with a tour, the victory tour,
held between the annual hunger games so you never have time to forget the horrors of the game,
and in this tour you are forced to celebrate the games and if you are the victor you have to be the main attraction forced to travel the districts celebrating the slaughter that is the hunger games,
also whispers of  revolution reach katniss's ears and that she has started it, getting her a visit from president snow himself telling her to show that she did not mean to start the revolution or else,
 and after a very distressing thing happens at the next huger games it looks like the revolution has completely started.

yet another fascinating book that i enjoyed immensely, maybe not as much as the first book, partly because i had not much of an idea of what to expect for the first.
but anyway it is still fabulous with a great story line. 

 Katniss is still a good main character as are all the other characters from book one, also there is some new good characters, Finnick for one also Beetee and Johanna.
 So please if you haven't read them please do they are Fabulously fantastic and thrillingly awesome!!!!