Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Titanic book one

This book follows the story of a young boy of 14 (my age!!) Paddy.
Paddy and his friend Daniel are street urchins and have to steel to stay alive in Belfast.
It was just another rich pocket that they stole from or so they thought but the person they stole from was not just a ordinary rick man, no this was Mr. Gillhooley a murderous thug ,
But not knowing this Paddy tried spending the money but was outwitted and Paddy barely escapes with his life, after being ambushed with his friend denial just bellow the titanic paddy managed to crawl into a cargo crate after being badly hurt but all that he could see of Danial was a puddle of blood.
 Danial was dead and Paddy was loaded onto the Titanic with the cargo, a stowaway.

This is a truly awesome book.
 Its different because its not just your ordinary fantasy book, its good because yes the characters are fantasy and the story line is made up but the facts are real,
Its based on the Titanic's voyage from a bit before taking of and then to a bit after the ice bergs.
This is not about the movie.

Paddy= Is awesome partly because he is Irish and then because he is a talented thief and is fun.

Alfie= Is a loyal young steward on the titanic who soon becomes Paddy's friend.

Gillhooley= Is a very good villain he just makes you want to Punch him,
 He doesn't give up easily

So I hope you enjoyed this post and I advise you to read this book very soon.
Its one in a trilogy.

Monday, 23 February 2015

The Land of Stories, The Wishing Spell.

So another review but a different series.
The Land of Stories is a fairy tale based story set in the modern day world well sort of.
 Its about twin brother and sister named Conner and Alex and how they somehow enter the fairy tale world after the fairy tales have happened.
Finding out that there only way home is a list of things that will grant a wish but it can be only used once more, but the evil queen from snow white has a different idea for the wishing spell that she has been working on since before snow white, so you get a back story on her.
Going across the land of stories collecting these things a lot of things happen to the twins, like getting caught by goblins an trolls and finding out things that they would never have thought possible.

This is a very light entertaining book that has a good story line, although there are a few bits that are a bit inappropriate, but are only very small and only like twice.
Other then that it is great,
Any way I really like it and there are two other books out plus two more on the way.
It is a bit slow to start with but is worth it.

Alex= Is the ultimate main character, she just an ordinary girl who is a bookworm.

Conner= Messy, Lazy,but is alright.

Frogie= Is sweet and cares about his Friends, he is who starts the twins on their way.

There are a lot more characters but they are not getting a section about themselves.
So this is a very good book and I recommend it to those who love fairy tales or light fantasy or just like reading. TTFN ta ta for now.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Hope of Germany snippet..

So this is a bit of my story set in WWII, enjoy.

The sound was louder now it no longer came in short hiccup like squeaks, but now a continues crying.
 It was a sound Albert thought he should know but did not, it sounded harmless enough but he couldn't see anything from where he stood but it sounded very close.
So with his ears guiding him he came to a bush covered with delicate red blossoms with little pip like seeds,
Beneath the bush was a basked and in that basket was a baby!
Albert astounded just stood there, but with a sudden rush of concern he picked up the crying infant, eyes scanning the wood looking for somebody who the baby might belong to but saw non, a last his eyes fell on the basket it was just a simple picnic basket stuffed with soft blankets but suck on the side with a hat pin was a note,
 he unpinned it and read the swirly and graceful writing, it read.
Protect my baby don't give him to any one, don't even let them in a room alone with him and never  leave him..... he is the hope of Germany. please care for him.. Albert.
At that instant Albert felt very frightened and a million question came to his mind, how had the writer known his name? who was this baby? and what qualified him to care for him?
But then the baby squirmed from the cold and Albert wrapped him in one of the blankets from the basket and then placed the note in his pocket ,
"well if I'm going to care for you you'll need a name" said Albert, then his eyes fixed on the flowers with the pip like seeds and said. "hello pip" and pip smiled.

Image result for germany coat of arms drawing

From her hiding place within the shrub she smiled, her baby was safe with a person who cared,
Then the tears came but she forced herself to stay put it was for the best. And as the boy, Albert left with her baby and all that had been left with him, she picked her self up and made her way home in tears but with  feeling she had done the right thing.

The Hollow Kingdom Three, In the Coils of the Snake

OK this book is not even about Marak, Kate Seylin or Emily, sure they make appearances but they are not the main characters, the main character is Miranda a human girl who Marak chose to be the wife of his son Catspaw so he wont have to have the suffering he'd had before he found Kate.
Miranda had a unhappy childhood and couldn't wait to go to the goblin kingdom to leave it, but shortly after she gets there marek dies and Catspaw is proclaimed king, but a little before the wedding an elf lord appears and offers Catspaw a deal, which included an elf bride,
After that Miranda is captured be the elf and lives with the elves for some time.
After that her perfectly organised life changes to the completely unexpected.

This book is still not as good as the first one but it is still a good book, Right now I'm leaning towards it over the second, its different from the first two because instead of having the girl go to the goblin kingdom and wed a goblin, its in the elf kingdom, sorry attempt of a kingdom with there life style.
Its more about the elves,

Miranda= is a bit boring, sorry but no one of the main girls is as interesting as Kate but shes not terrible, she has red hair which is always a plus.

Catspaw= is good he is a bit like marek but not as funny.He like Marak wants to do what is best for his people even if it means not doing what he wants.

Nir= is not that great he obviously like catspaw  wants whats best for his people, who are probably more what I would aim for except for their silliness, the elves are a bit silly.

So that's the end of this series but i'll be back,
So all in all a differently good thrilling series.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Close Kin, The Hollow Kingdom book two.

This book is a follow up of the Hollow kingdom, called Close Kin.
This one is focused more on Emily and her goblin friend Syelin,
Emily is in the goblin kingdom on the condition she has to merry a goblin,
but when her best friend Syelin prepossess to her she doesn't under stand and ends up saying that she would never merry him after an argument.
So Seylin depressed go's out and tries to seek the elves (he looks like an elf hence he thinks he is one) thinking that Emily will never be his, but when Emily finds out that he has left she go's  right on out to find him,
This book also follows the story of an elf named Sable who gave up so much just so she could be alive.

This book isn't as good as the first one but its still a good book and is worth reading.
The story isn't as riveting as book one but it is still good,

Emily= Stubborn and prideful, but she has a good heart, if Emily has a goal she sticks to it.

Seylin= He is a goblin that looks like an elf and for a time he thinks he is one.
 Knowing how elves should be he is horrified with what he finds.

Sable= She is a bit boring but most people would like her, she is what you could call a strong character

Marak is still funny and Kate is still good although she isn't as fun any more.


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Hollow Kingdom, Book one Review.

This trilogy is really good it follows the story of two sisters Kate and Emily, but Kate is the mane  character.
So the story line is the girls father died recently and they have gone to live in the country on a estate that Kate has inherited.
But one night they are lost in the woods and are escorted home by a very ill mannered man in a black cloak that covers his face that drives Kate crazy,  he takes it of when they are home after Emily is inside, his face was not human!
After that Kate feels like she is being watched and gets quite distraught.
Later finding out that he is a goblin and that he wants to steal Kate and marry her to be his queen of the goblins
But he finds she is a little  harder to get then he thinks.

This is a wonderful book its exiting thrilling and has dry humour but if you don't like getting frightened don't read it at night, but if you do please read it then!!
 This is not strictly a girl book so if your a boy don't be afraid to read it.

Kate= is a strong self sacrificial character who wont give up without a fight, but at the same time she remains a lady, she is awesome

Emily= is a excitable young girl who loves Kate and is the only one who believes Kate about the goblins and isn't that disturbed by the goblins ugliness she is also very stubborn you find more of it in book two.

Marak= he is funny and wants to do what is best for his people, he finds human behaviour interesting
but is still understanding.

So all in all it is a great and thrilling book that I recommend you read very soon.

So that's all folks for now see you soon.