Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My new book idea..

Yes I have a new idea for yet another story to write and it is about the Chines zodiac well in a sense. 
Firstly what is the zodiac? Well its a repetitive twelve year cycle that that the Chinese have and each year is represented by an animal, So like I was born in the year of the dragon and that's partly why I like dragons so much, because its sort of like my special animal.
So the story is that some people have a special power to be able to change into the animal that was the year  they where born.
 So the main character is born in the year of the dragon (of course) and he can change fully or partly into a dragon so if he wanted to he could have the throat of a dragon and then breath fire,

Any way he go's somewhere to learn about his powers and such.
There is going to be a bad guy but I still have to work out his goal and I might add something like goblins in........ any way its still very new in the making and I will have to think and write some more before I can say any more.
 So a very short post but I just wanted to tell about it so TTFN Ta Ta For Now!


  1. Hey. I am following your blog. It looks really interesting. I am a bit like you
    because I have story idea's a lot too, but I don't have much time to write.
    It would be nice of you to check out my blog Flashes of Inspiration. I have
    a stormtrooper post that I think you would like. And I think your book idea is cool.