Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The hunger games

Well it's been a long time,
But I'm back and reviewing The Hunger Games Book one!
When I turned 15 in May I was aloud to read it after years of waiting and wanting, and I am glad I waited it is definitely an older book series I would say no one under 15 should read it.
Its funny I used to love hearing spoilers but now I hate them I definitely did not want to know spoilers for this book, I avoided them like poison (: and Nightlock at that :)

So the story line it's a futuristic Novel in what was once North America,
Which is split into different districts which no one is aloud to leave.... Well except for when it's was the time of the hunger games.
Where the president to show his power and the districts weakness he has two children picked at a random one girl and one boy from each district to fight each other to the death in an arena.
But when Katniss's sister Prim gets chosen she volunteers to go in here place.  
And even though the odds are not all in her favour she proves herself to be a dangerous and skilled enemy, even outside the arena 

My favourite character was a girl called Rue who even though small knows how to survive, and being younger than the rest of the tributes she certainly is smarter than them.

Katniss is strong if not a bit fickle, but every thing she's done is for her family and friends.

Peeta is kind hearted loving and will do any thing for people he loves.

So hope to heir from you, please comment and tell me your opinion.
I will probably be reviewing the next two hunger games, The Spider kings and the Maze Runners.
PS. Sorry its a short post.


  1. I LOVE this series as you know.
    Great review

  2. Nice post. I read the whole trilogy and it is definitely not for small children. I hope you can post again soon.

    1. Hi Benjamin
      Sorry for taking so long in replying to your comments, The computer l like to use has been acting up when I try to sign in,
      So thanks for following me and I will check out you're blog, I'm not sure if I have already followed it or not,
      Thanks for the positive feedback it makes my day.
      Rogan :)